About Wellington

Part of what makes an artist unique, is their ability to convey universal ideas in an authentic way. Wellington Bullings is one of those artists. With a name that oozes sophistication and a voice as smooth as velvet, it is clear that Wellington is making a name for herself in the world of Jazz and Soul music. Her rich vocals and soulful compositions will leave you wondering where this sultry songstress came from.


Growing up in the secluded mountains of Colorado was a powerful experience for Wellington. Much of her creative inspiration came from living in a peaceful environment. There, she lived with her Jamaican father, caucasian mother, and two younger sisters. As a child, music was always an easy way for her to connect to her Jamaican heritage. Reggae, and R&B/Soul music always filled her childhood home with so much joy. Little did she know that her exposure to these different styles of music, would later shape her signature sound. As a teenager, her deep love for jazz began to develop when she got her hands on a Billie Holiday record. This was the beginning of her new exciting musical journey.


Wellington’s deep passion for music, lead her to Boston where she began her vocal study at Berklee College Of Music. There, she started performing as a lead singer in several different bands, and exploring the world of modeling. Since then, she has been writing and performing for other artists’ projects, as well as placing her own compositions in Film and TV.  In addition to her blossoming musical career, she has been featured as a lead actor in several commercials including: Olay Skincare, Secret Deodorant, and Crocs Footwear. She also teaches full time as a vocal instructor at a few different music schools in Denver.

New Album Coming in Spring 2020....
1. Crumble
2. Kiss Me Before the     Rain Does
3. Because I Want To
4. The Meaning
5. Better Without You
6. Laws of my love
7. Golden Wings
           Because I Want To...
        Release my first album 
          Indiegogo Campaign
Dinner Concert @ Ophelias
Ophelia's Electric Soapbox
Duo @ Boulder Art Museum
First Friday Jazz Hop- Billie Holiday Birthday
Album Release Show @ Soiled Dove Underground
The Soiled Dove Underground
Valentines Day French Dinner/house Concert
66 Gordon Creek RD Boulder CO
Women in Design-Private VIP event

Vocal Instruction

Wellington studied vocal jazz performance and songwriting at Berklee College of Music. She has 6+ years of teaching experience.Her expertise is in healthy vocal technique in contemporary singing, with a focus on healthy stylization.She loves to help singers discover the unique brilliance of their own voice, in a healthy way.
She currently teaches voice lessons in the Boulder/Denver area and accepts skype lessons from anywhere in the US. 


Wellington would love to hear from you. Please fill in the information below for coaching, booking, and all other inquiries.

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